Argentina is well known for its beautiful landscapes, cattle and agriculture.  Over 50 rivers run through the country, and while there is an abundance of water sources, many rural communities do not have access to safe drinking water. In fact, over 20,000 schools in Argentina do not have access to safe water.

Proyecto Agua Seguro works to address the needs of school children for safe drinking water by providing LifeStraw Community purifiers as well as comprehensive hygiene and sanitation education at the schools. To date, Proyecto Agua Segura has worked in over 130 schools. However, the need is much greater. Support to the Safe Water Fund for Schools in Argentina enables Proyecto Agua Segura to expand its reach to rural school children in Argentina in need of safe drinking water. This means less time for kids to be sick, more time for kids to study, play, and just be kids!!

About Proyecto Agua Segura

Poyecto Agua Segura is an organization that seeks to prevent waterborne illnesses in vulnerable communities throughout Argentina.  The organization not only provides LifeStraw technology to purify rural water sources, but also focuses on ensuring access to comprehensive education on water and sanitation that is tailored to the target population.  School programs focus on educating students through play and various experiential activities such as creating artwork about safe water. Proyecto Agua Segura was founded by Nicolas Wertheimer, a medical doctor trained in the United States, who upon returning to Argentina, recognized that waterborne disease was affecting many of his patients. He chose to switch careers and created Proyecto Agua Segura, with the goal of bringing access to safe water to rural communities across Argentina.

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