LifeStraw is partnering with Mina Guli , a global water advocate, as she embarks on her #Run4Water expedition – running  the equivalent of 40 marathons - 1,048 miles - in 40 days along six rivers on six continents to raise awareness of the global water crisis.  We will ensure that Mina stays hydrated by enabling her to drink river water across 6 continents!

LifeStraw Pledge on World Water Day, 2017

LifeStraw is committing to innovate and design products that address issues of heavy metal contamination, including lead.

Step 1: 2017  LifeStraw will introduce our first product that can remove heavy metals including lead to meet national NSF standards for safe drinking water.

Step 2: 2018  The LifeStraw portfolio will be expanded to include a variety of products that remove lead and heavy metal to provide safe water both in the home and outside.

This commitment to innovation is not merely our Mission at LifeStraw, it is our responsibility as a global company.

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