LifeStraw Safe Water Fund

We all individually and collectively have the power to make change

How it Works

The LifeStraw’s Safe Water Fund allows individuals and organizations to engage in high-impact safe water programs. The Fund is managed by New Ventures Fund, a 501-c3 public charity. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by US law.

You engage
We deliver
They get safe water
We track all progress


Choose the project that you want to engage in

About the Fund

Transparency & Monitoring An external advisory board provides expert guidance to ensure programs are implemented and monitored in the most efficient way to achieve impact.
Our projects use sophisticated electronic monitoring platforms to track locations, usage and follow-up over time. We’ll share our progress!


Every individual has the power to drive change and the responsibility to translate this power into action. The LifeStraw Safe Water Fund allows you to connect with the safe water project you choose and expand the reach of this program to more people.

Partnerships for socially-minded companies and organizations The LifeStraw Safe Fund also works with like-minded companies, organizations, schools and civic groups to implement safe water programs in a variety of countries. You can work with our team to create your own program or project in a particular region of choice.

Have an idea for a safe water project?

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