“Lifestraw water will now be available at home and in school. We shall not get sick.”

Ebwambwa Primary School
Kakamega Central, Sheywe, Sichirayi

I have a mother who is a tailor and an older sister who is 17 and in secondary school. I do several chores at home. I help to slash grass, clean the house, and fetch the water. At school, my favorite subject is English. Outside of school, I play soccer and plant trees at home. In the future, I want to be an engineer and construct roads, because the roads here are not made well. Then people will walk well, use the road well, and it will teach them how important the road is. I would also like to be a member of an NGO. Many students used to get sick from typhoid, before the LifeStraw Community purifiers arrived. I fell sick for 2 days and had to miss school and be sent to the hospital. Now, with the purifier and encouraging students to wash their hands, there is less disease and more learning.