“I am happy that I am going to take and use safe water at all time even when I am at school…”

Emahungu Primary School
Kakamega Central, Butsotso Central, Shibuli


I live on a small farm in Kakamega where my parents grow maize and sugar cane. In school, my favorite subject is mathematics. When I grow up, I want to be a neurosurgeon and help to control diseases and save many lives. One day I will wear a white coat and wear those things on my ears that doctors wear on TV. I know that to achieve my dreams, I must work hard, get good marks, join a secondary school, and attend a university. I am very grateful for the LifeStraw Community purifiers which are helping my school greatly. It reduces diseases like typhoid and cholera. When I was sick, I missed one week of school and had to go to the hospital. But now after the LifeStraw Community, I don’t miss school. The deputy headmaster also says that our school has improved drastically from LifeStraw and we are now 1 of the top 5 schools in the division, based on our exam scores.